About Me

I was born on a cold icy morning, November 1983. I have always had a passion for illustration and art. As a child I would spend hours telling stories to my lovely cuddly toys through chalk drawings on the pavement! Of course times have changed and one can't always walk around with a giant piece of chalk wedged into their jeans, so now I use pencil and paper.

Since completing my degree at University College Falmouth, previously known as Falmouth College of Arts, I have been working on various illustration commissions, fine art and crafts. I love it! I’m super bubbly, love to travel, explore and express.

So if you have any projects, I look forward to working with you.

What I Do

Children’s Illustration is my first passion, a place where imagination and colour can bring a world to life in a child’s eyes. I enjoy creating illustrations for: picture books, fiction, comics, non-fiction, book covers, cd audio covers, e-books and black and white interior artwork. I am also a writer and poet. I also cover a huge range of general illustration such as magazine, greeting card and t-shirt design. I am often hired to also produce: portraits, paintings and personalised cards or wedding invitations. This website has a delightful selection of my illustration work. Please browse the portfolio pages and enjoy.