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Dragon School

Parents read this bit:
This story is a story about lots of boring things, like brussel sprouts and cheese. This story doesn’t have any dragons, and absolutely no super evil things. It’s all about mathematics, homework, doing house chores and washing your socks.

Kids read this bit:
It’s actually about a potato; hang on, no, that’s my other story. This one is about dragons. It’s set in a school, which is where I came up with the world’s most original and greatest name of all time….Dragon School.
It’s all about Billy who goes to a new school and gets in a rather stinky situation.
It’s full of dragons, magic, bullies, friendship, super evil spells, swirly eyes, spelling, snotty toilet roll and a broken pencil nib!

This story is great for 5 – 8 year olds and was written with reluctant readers in mind.

This E-book has black and white illustrations throughout.

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My Batty Book Of Poems

Julie Parker is proud to present
The weird and wonderful...

(Imaginary drum role)

My Batty Book Of Poems

A book of poems
Not about trees
Written for children
Not little peas
A book of silly
A book of strange
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And read me today.

This book includes lots of amusing poetry, short stories and illustrations. It does not include a free egg, or any other egg themed gifts. Children of all ages will love it, so will bears, teacups and adults who laugh at pancakes.